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Jaesuk Ahn

I have been involved in OpenStack from July 2010 when it is publically announced. At that time, I was leading a newly created research project team at KT R&D department focusing on Cloud. Since then, my life has been all about OpenStack. I established OpenStack Korea Community early 2011, since then, I have been a "representative" of openstack in Korea. I have been doing many talks and presentation introduciing OpensStack.
Along the line, I have been experiencing very interesting stuffs: devops, chef, automation, test, ruby, python, cloud, and more importantly people around openstack community.
Here is a summary list of my activities regarding OpenStack:
Community Activity History
- established Korea OpenStack Community early 2011, and has been a leader of the community since then.
- did many talks and presentations introducing OpenStack in Korea, including academia, industry (companies), goverment agency, reasearch firm.
OpenStack Activity
- initial R&D work regarding openstack at KT R&D department since 2010
- involved at swift commercialization effort at KT
- leading a project team doing openstack based private and public cloud development and deployment at KT.
- cloud design, orchestration, monitoring tool development, cloud4u
- manager, skt

Small Story: Frankly speaking, the sole reason I was so interested in OpenStack from the first time was simple. It was not any insight, it was a word of "AUSTIN". yes, I graduated from the University of Texas at Austin, and I love the city of Austin. :)