Please note: This schedule is for OpenStack Active Technical Contributors participating in the Icehouse Design Summit sessions in Hong Kong. These are working sessions to determine the roadmap of the Icehouse release and make decisions across the project. To see the full OpenStack Summit schedule, including presentations, panels and workshops, go to http://openstacksummitnovember2013.sched.org.













avatar for kebray


I am passionate about building high performing software teams that work closely in conjunction with product management.
Position Senior Dev Manager, Platform






avatar for romcheg


Company Mirantis
Position Software engineer
Location Kharkiv, Ukraine




Company Fujitsu






Company Cisco Systems




avatar for Angus


Company Mirantis
Position Software Developer
Location Brisbane, Australia




Company Bcorp
Position CTO






avatar for Chris


Chris Alfonso has worked as a software engineer for nearly 15 years. Since joining Red Hat in January 2006, Chris has built many of the redhat.com web application and along they way has taken note of how complicated production systems and infrastructure are to setup. Chris has spent a great deal of time in the evolution of systems automation tools - from informal scripts, to configuration management, to infrastructure providers. Chris now spends his time working on automating the end-to-end setup of compute services needed to write and host applications using OpenShift, OpenStack, and Red Hat Enterprise... Read more
Company OpenShift
Position Principal Software Engineer




Location Bonn, Germany




avatar for Flavio


Prior to Red Hat, Flavio worked on Big Data oriented applications, search engines and message systems. He was also an active member of Gnome's a11y team where he contributed to Orca and created MouseTrap, a head-tracker application. Outside Red Hat Flavio likes to take run, travel, hang around with family and friends and whatever seems interesting. Nowadays, Flavio spends most of his time hacking on containers and messaging technologies and working with communities.
Company Red Hat, Inc
Position Principal Software Engineer
Location Milan, Italy


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Company KT
Location Seoul


avatar for Igor


Company Mirantis, Inc
Position Director of Engineering
Location Moscow, Russia




I am passionate about SW Architecture and Design, Agile development and creative solutions for complex development challenges.
Company Midokura
Position Architect
Location Israel






Company 451 Research




open cloud
Company intel


avatar for Ken




Company Intel
Location Shanghai, PRC


avatar for Malini


IoT, Cloud, Security, high availability, fault tolerance, ease of use.
Company Intel
Position Cloud Native Security Architect
Location USA




Company INFN
Position Technologist


avatar for mathieu.rohon


I've been working on the Telco industry transformation for 10 years, on anticipation projects about Virtualization, VNF, cloud native transformation and CNF.
Company Orange
Position IT/Network R&D Engineer
Location Saint-Brieuc Area, France


avatar for Moon


Moon soo Lee is a creator for Apache Zeppelin and a Co-Founder, CTO at NFLabs. For past few years he has been working on bootstrapping Zeppelin project and it’s community. His recent focus is growing Zeppelin community and getting adoptions.
Company NFLabs
Position cto
Location Bay area


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avatar for Raj


Company Ebay/PayPal




Company ThoughtWorks
Position Lead Consultant
Location Bangalore




Company DreamHost
Location Italy




Company VMware
Position Developer
Location CA, USA




Company Brocade
Position Software Architect


avatar for Soulas


Company Cloudwatt
Position Product Owner
Location Paris Area, France






avatar for wentian


Company UnitedStack


avatar for XueChendi


Location Beijing City, China


avatar for Zhang Hua (Edward)

Zhang Hua (Edward)

I'm an advisory software engineer of Emerging Technology Institute of IBM CDL. My primary work is focusing on open standards and cloud. I'm very interested in SDN and SDS areas in cloud era. As a contributor of OpenStack for nearly two years, I'm looking for the technologies and methods to improve OpenStack and make it better.
Company IBM CDL
Location Beijing, China




avatar for Hashir Abdi

Hashir Abdi

Technology and Its Application To Solve real World Problems
Company Microsoft
Position Senior SDET Lead
Location Bedford, New Hampshire



Sylvain Afchain

Sylvain Afchain is a Senior Developer at eNovance. He has 15 years of software development experience. He has been involved on Openstack since two releases. He worked mainly on Neutron and on Network projects.
Company eNovance
Position Software Engineer


avatar for Rohit Agarwalla

Rohit Agarwalla

Rohit Agarwalla is currently part of the Cloud Platform and Solutions Group within Cisco. As a cloud computing expert, Rohit is the primary architect for the Cisco-Google open hybrid cloud solution and is a cloud architect and technical product manager in areas of cloud native, multi-cloud and networking. Recently, he lead the technical product team at Cisco where he helped shepherd development of container products that included a container platform based on Kubernetes and an open source container networking and policy project - Contiv. Rohit represents Cisco in various customer and partner engagements... Read more
Company Cisco
Position Senior Technical Leader


avatar for Jaesuk Ahn

Jaesuk Ahn

I have been involved in OpenStack from July 2010 when it is publically announced. At that time, I was leading a newly created research project team at KT R&D department focusing on Cloud. Since then, my life has been all about OpenStack. I established OpenStack Korea Community early 2011, since then, I have been a "representative" of openstack in Korea. I have been doing many talks and presentation introduciing OpensStack.
Along the line, I have been experiencing very interesting stuffs: devops, chef, automation, test, ruby, python, cloud, and more importantly people around openstack community... Read more
Company SKT
Position Dr.




avatar for Renat Akhmerov

Renat Akhmerov

Company Mirantis
Position Senior Software Developer


avatar for Yoshikazu Akinaga

Yoshikazu Akinaga

Company DOCOMO Innovations
Position CEO
Location Palo Alto



Sam Alba

Company Dagger, Inc
Position Founder
Location San Francisco, CA


avatar for Colette Alexander

Colette Alexander

cello, wine, beer, food
Company IBM
Position Engineering Manager, IBM Cloud
Location Portland, OR


avatar for Hiroki Aramaki

Hiroki Aramaki

Company Net One Systems
Location Japan


avatar for Syed Armani

Syed Armani

Company hastexo
Position Senior Consultant
Location New Delhi, India


avatar for Geoff Arnold

Geoff Arnold

I've taken a long geek arc from the UK to the US, through Raytheon, Mosaic Technologies, Sun Microsystems, Amazon.com, Huawei Technologies, Yahoo!, and Vyatta (Brocade). Today I'm working at Cisco in the Cisco Cloud Services organization. While most people focus on the benefits of cloud computing to the DevOps user, I'm equally excited by the potential for IaaS to enable a revolution in infrastructure innovation - compute, networking, storage.
Company Cisco
Position Cloud architect
Location San Jose, California


avatar for Erik RUbio Astudillo

Erik RUbio Astudillo

storage distribuido
Company SONDA
Position Arquitecto de soluciones
Location chile


avatar for Mark Atwood

Mark Atwood

I'm the Director of Open Source Engagement at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, and am involved with HPE's relationship with OpenSwitch, OpenStack, the Linux Foundation, and other open source conferences and meetups.
Company Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Position Director
Location Greater Seattle Area


avatar for Otávio Augusto

Otávio Augusto

Company System ITS
Position Software Engineer
Location Brasília, Brazil



Mahalakshmi Balakrishnan

Company HP
Position Architect
Location Bangalore, India


avatar for Carl Baldwin

Carl Baldwin

Carl started his career developing electronic design automation software with HP’s microprocessor design projects: PA-RISC and Itanium. Years later, he spent a short time on a few of HP's network attached storage products. The whole time, he felt drawn to computer networking. He consistently stepped outside his purview to weigh in on office networking issues as well as to provide expertise to the network design in the products.

In late 2012, he was introduced to the OpenStack Neutron (then Quantum) project while at HP. He was a leader in that project for years which is where he began his sp... Read more
Company DigitalOcean
Position Senior Engineer II
Location Fort Collins, Colorado


avatar for Bob Ball

Bob Ball

Company Citrix
Location Cambridge, Cambridgeshire


avatar for Peter Balland



Susanne Balle

Susanne is a Senior Principal Engineer at Intel in the SDI/Cloud Architecture and Pathfinding group. She has been involved in OpenStack in various projects since the Essex OpenStack summit. Her current interests are Networking and Networking Advanced Services such as LBaaS, Octavia and FWaaS. She was a founding member of HP’s public cloud and worked with OpenStack from its early days to deliver an at scale public cloud service, working around all the difficulties associated with the code base being “ready”.
Company Intel
Position Cloud Architect


avatar for Mohammad Banikazemi

Mohammad Banikazemi

Mohammad is a research staff member at the IBM T.J. Watson Research Center. His research interests include cloud computing and software-defined networking. He is a senior member of the ACM and the IEEE and an active contributior to Neutron. Mohammad lives with his family in NYC.
Company IBM Research
Position Research Staff Member
Location New York City


avatar for Vinay Bannai

Vinay Bannai

Networking professional with expertise in networking design, architecture and software development. Have been involved in products at the access, edge, distribution and core of the network. Have managed engineering teams, product lines and customer interactions and presentations.
Presently working on cloud orchestration of Data Centers using Openstack, Openflow, Network Virtualization and SDN controller.
Company PayPal
Position Cloud SDN Architect, eBay
Location San Francisco Bay Area


avatar for Alessandro Barabesi

Alessandro Barabesi

Company Enter
Location Italy


avatar for Justin Santa Barbara

Justin Santa Barbara

Justin has been contributing to kubernetes since 2014, and loves helping users adopt and grow their use of kubernetes - initially as the primary maintainer of the kubernetes AWS support, he also started the kOps project. He joined Google in 2018 to work full time on Kubernetes, focusing on kubernetes configuration management.
Company Google
Position Software Engineer
Location San Francisco, California


avatar for Keith Basil

Keith Basil

Keith Basil is focused on Red Hat’s OpenStack product management and development with focus OpenStack deployment and management at scale. Prior to Red Hat, Basil provided cloud architecture direction in support of sales, marketing, and partner activities for an OpenStack start-up.  As a member of the OpenStack Security Group and team author, he was instrumental in coordinating the effort that lead to the creation of the OpenStack Security Guide.
Company Red Hat
Position Principal Product Manager, OpenStack
Location Washington D.C. Metro Area


avatar for Sylvain Bauza

Sylvain Bauza

Sylvain came to OpenStack in 2012 with Diablo when he was acting as an Operations manager responsible for deploying a private cloud platform for a SME company where it was used for QA and development purposes. Later on, he changed to a full software engineering position as an ATC for a Stackforge project called Blazar where he implemented reservations as a service in OpenStack and consequently had to interact with Nova and Keystone. He's now a Senior Software Engineer at Red Hat with a primary focus on SLA in OpenStack and fully working on Nova in order to make OpenStack more resilient.   On a... Read more


avatar for Bill Becker

Bill Becker

Company SafeNet, Inc.
Position Sr. Advisory Architect, CTO Office
Location Belcamp, MD, US


avatar for anders beitnes

anders beitnes

Information Security consulting, review, and approval at the Technopolitical level in the ISO stack.
Company Yahoo
Position Security Management
Location United States


avatar for Tim Bell

Tim Bell

Tim is currently responsible for the team at CERN that manages the operating system and infrastructure services. He previously worked as a Unix kernel developer at IBM and managing large-scale Unix production deployments and services for Deutsche Bank. As part of CERN's data centre expansion, Tim has been involved in the implementation of the CERN private cloud and is an elected member of the OpenStack management board.
Company CERN
Position Infrastructure Services Manager
Location Geneva Area, Switzerland


avatar for Dina Belova

Dina Belova

Company Mirantis IT
Location Saratov, Russia


avatar for Kevin Benton

Kevin Benton

Kevin Benton is currently a Software Engineer at Mirantis. He has been contributing to Neutron since Havana while he was working at Big Switch Networks and has been a core reviewer since 2014. He also serves on the Neutron drivers team, helping the PTL define the direction of the project by selecting features to work on. He prefers to spend time improving the stability and performance of Neutron and its reference implementation to give deployers reliable OpenStack networking without immediately turning to a vendor.
Company Mirantis
Position Senior Software Engineer
Location Mountain View, CA


avatar for Samuel Bercovici

Samuel Bercovici

Samuel Bercovici is director at Radware in charge of integration Radwares load balancer and security services with cloud systems. He was involved at the specification and design of Load Balancing as a Service for Folsom and Grizzly as well as the new API for Juno. During the different OpenStack releases he was directing Radware's LBaaS driver development which automates the deployment of highly available pairs of load balancer virtual appliances. During the OpenStack Jono release he was managing the delivery of L7 content steering APIs and SSL termination APIs of LBaaS. Samuel is member of the... Read more
Company Radware
Position Director
Location Israel


avatar for Arthur Berezin

Arthur Berezin

Arthur Berezin is a Senior Technical Product Manager with Red Hat's OpenStack Product Management Group. Arthur has great deal of experience with Cloud, Virtualization, Infrastructure, and Open Source technologies working with companies of various sizes from large enterprises to start-ups. At Red Hat Arthur focuses on making OpenStack a robust platform that helps customers solve complex business and technical challenges.
Company Red Hat
Position Sr, Technical Product Manager - Red Hat
Location Israel




avatar for Zane Bitter

Zane Bitter

I'm currently working on the https://metal3.io project, developing Kubernetes-native baremetal host management. My background is in OpenStack, where I am a current member of the Technical Committee as well as one of the original developers, former PTL, and core contributor of the Heat project.
Company Red Hat
Position Principal Software Engineer
Location zbitter@redhat.com



Tom Blankenship

Company Rackspace
Position Sr. Software Dev Manager
Location Austin, Texas Area



Fatiha Bouabache

Company numergy
Position cloud provider
Location Paris



David Boucha

Company SaltStack
Position Sr. Engineer
Location Salt Lake City, Utah


avatar for Chmouel Boudjnah

Chmouel Boudjnah

Chmouel has been a long time OpenSource developer working on OpenStack since its near beginning originally focusing on Storage and now on Orchestration and Deployment at Red Hat/eNovance as a software architect.
Company Red Hat
Position Principal Engineer
Location Paris, France



Brian Bowen

Company Cisco Systems
Position Software Engineer Manager
Location Boxborough, Massachusetts



Juergen Brendel

Company Cisco
Position Technical Leader
Location New Zealand



Joe Breu

Company Rackspace Managed Hosting
Position Deployment Engineer, Rackspace Cloud Builders
Location Cibolo, Texas


avatar for Hugh Brock

Hugh Brock

Company Red Hat


avatar for Russell Bryant

Russell Bryant

Russell is a Distinguished Engineer in Service Delivery, leading SD's adoption of OVN across our managed services. Russell also has a long history with OVN, having helped create the project back in 2015 and leading the planning for product teams to take over ownership of OVN by 2018
Company Red Hat
Position Distinguished Engineer
Location Charleston, South Carolina


avatar for Jay Buffington


avatar for Chet Burgess

Chet Burgess

Chet is the Vice President of Engineering and part of the founding team at Metacloud.

In that role, he is responsible for all engineering and architecture and helps ensure that the solutions delivered by Metacloud are available, redundant, and scalable.

Chet has more than 18 years of experience working on interesting problems in IT. His career started at a VAR building computer and small business networks. Since then he has held a number of positions including the Director of Enterprise Unix Systems at the University of Southern California (which he graduated from in 2006) and Senior Systems Architect at Ticketmaster Entertainment/Live Nation Entertainment. Immediately prior to helping launch Metacloud Chet was the Senior Systems Architect for Ticketmaster's Transactional API for Partners and iPhone application. Chet's passion is working on availability... Read more
Company Metacloud
Position Vice President, Engineering
Location Pasadena, CA


avatar for Randall Burt

Randall Burt

Randall Burt is a Senior Software Developer and services architect for the Rackspace cloud who has been instrumental in launching new services at Rackspace. After spending years contracting for the government, Randall joined Rackspace with a passion to contribute to open source technolgies and advance cloud computing. Randall has been the anchor of the software development team for Rackspace deployment orchestration and deployment management services. Randall is a core reviewer of the OpenStack Heat project and advisor to many software development teams at Rackspace.
Company Rackspace
Position Senior Software Developer
Location Austin, TX


avatar for Dave Cahill

Dave Cahill

Location Meguro-ku, Tokyo, Japan


avatar for Dave Cain

Dave Cain

Dave Cain is a Senior Architect with Red Hat's Global Partners and Alliances Organization. He focuses on producing validated reference architectures that promote the benefits of Red Hat software in the cloud and datacenter environments with Red Hat's strategic OEM, ISV, and Cloud Service Provider partners.

Prior to joining Red Hat, he spent over 10 years in various roles within NetApp and IBM and focused on Network, Storage, and Virtualization IT infrastructure. Dave holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from North Carolina State University, and has co-authored two patents and invention disclosures in the networking field... Read more
Company Red Hat
Position Senior Architect
Location Morrisville, NC


avatar for Thierry Carrez

Thierry Carrez

Thierry Carrez is the Vice-President of Engineering at the OpenStack Foundation, in charge of the long-term health of the open source projects under the Foundation. A long-time elected member of the OpenStack Technical Committee, he has been a Release Manager for the OpenStack project since its inception, coordinating the effort and facilitating collaboration between contributors.... Read more
Company OpenStack Foundation
Position VP of Engineering
Location France

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