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Wednesday, November 6 • 4:40pm - 5:20pm
Extensibility of Modular Layer 2

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This session will include the following subject(s):

ML2: More extensible TypeDrivers:

The current ML2 TypeDrivers assume that ML2 is managing segmentation types via the TypeDrivers. What we've noticed while developing MechanismDrivers for an array of SDN Controllers is the fact they want to control the segmentation type and perhaps even the segmentation ID. The current ML2 TypeManager assumes an integer for a segmentation ID, but a controller MechanismDriver may want to allocate something other than an integer. Additionally, controller-based TypeDrivers may require interactions with the controller for allocating and de-allocating segmentation IDs. A good discussion around this use case for ML2 would be great to have.

(Session proposed by Kyle Mestery)

ML2: RPC handling in ML2:

Currently, RPC handling is done at a higher layer in the ML2 plugin. This works great for the existing RPC calls supplied and consumed by the OVS, LB, and Hyper-V agents. But we've hit some problems when additional RPC calls are needed by a specific MechanismDriver. There is no clean way to do this currently. Additionally, it's conceivable a controller-based SDN MechanismDriver may want to listen for RPC calls. The current infrastructure doesn't allow this.

(Session proposed by Kyle Mestery)

Wednesday November 6, 2013 4:40pm - 5:20pm
AWE Level 2, Room 201C

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